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Q and A

At this stage, only design services. But I can put you in touch with quality and affordable printers in Durban.

You can download my price list here.

Unfortunately not.

This depends on the project scope and you the client of course! Small jobs can take as little as 3 days. For larger projects, I allow between 2-5 weeks to complete the task.

I’ve been working in the graphic design space since 2014. Throughout this period, I’ve completed multiple courses and have worked on projects in FMCG, luxury travel, hospitality,  jewellery, recruitment and financial industries.

In brief:

01 E-chat & ideate / We will discuss where you are now, what you need and where you’re trying to go with your business.

02 Design / Based on our chat, I will piece together important facets needed to create your materials. I will design a first draft. 

03 Feedback / We will discuss the work drafted so far and feedback will be given, as well as changes that need to be made.

04 Showcase / You will receive the final work (including PDF file(s). You will also receive a mockup post for social media to present your new brand item.

We’re based in Durban, KZN. But serve clients from across the globe.

I'd love to hear about your brand and where you're at!

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